Petite:              6 & Under 
Mini:                       7 - 9
Junior:                  10-12
Teen:                    13-15
Senior:                 16-18
‚ÄčAdvanced:              19+

The age category for all routines is determined by using the average age of the performers as of January 1, 2020. When averaging ages, drop the decimal point.
Any routine with an average age of 19+ must compete in the After Dark division.


Acro - a combination of dance and acrobatic/gymnastic tricks. Primarily acro techinque.
Ballet - primarily ballet technique. May be en pointe or soft-shoe.
Combo - a combination of 2 or more styles.
Contemporary - a routine incorporating jazz or ballet technique fused with modern movement.
Hip Hop - primarily hip hop technique.
Improv - dancers entered in this category will not be aware of the song being played ahead of time. The song will be no longer than 2.5     minutes. Song list  will be sent to participating studios 1 week prior to event.
Jazz - primarily jazz technique.
Lyrical - a combination of jazz and ballet technique that uses story-telling elements to interpret  the lyrics and emotion of a song.
Modern - primarily modern technique.
Musical Theatre - any routine interpreting music from a Broadway or Movie Musical.
Open - any style of dance not listed.
Specialty - consists of ethnic styles such as step, highland, clogging, Bollywood, African, etc.
Street Jazz - a combination of jazz and hip hop technique.
Tap - primarily tap technique. Routines including clogging, double-tap tap shoes, and/or tap sounds in the music will not be allowed.

Student Choreography - any number choreographed by a student, who is also a dancer in the number (all student choreography numbers will compete separately).
After Dark - any number with an average age of 19+,  or containing professional dancer(s), teacher(s), etc. (all Post-Comp numbers will compete separately). These numbers are not eligible for Elite Showdown awards.

Judges reserve the right to change the style of a number if they feel it is incorrectly placed. 


competition rules

Please read through all rules carefully. Failure to comply with the rules & regulations listed below could result in disqualification. It is the studio's responsibility to adhere to all rules.