competition rules

Please read through all rules carefully. Failure to comply with the rules & regulations listed below could result in disqualification. It is the studio's responsibility to adhere to all rules.


All entries will be adjudicated by 3 judges. Each entry will receive its respective award. An unbreakable tie can exist if the scores are equal. In this case, there will be 2 winners.
Technique:                              50%
Performance:                          20%
Choreography/Musicality:       20%
Costume/Music:                     10%

Score sheets and video critiques will be available for pick-up by teachers/studio owners after the Elite Showdown. If your package is not picked up, it will be mailed to your studio within one week after the competition. Video critiques will be sent out ASAP.

291 & Up:         Elite Gold
276 - 290.99:    High Gold
261 - 275.99:    Gold
246 - 260.99:    High Silver
231 - 245.99:    Silver
216 - 230.99:    Bronze

*Special awards will be given out during each awards ceremony, at the discretion of the faculty.

In addition to the adjudicated awards, there will also be overall awards given to the highest scoring Solo, Duo/Trio, Small/Large Group, and Line/Production(+) in each of the Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior age categories. 
​*Prizes may vary depending on number of entries.

*Overalls                     1st                2nd               3rd

Solo                            $75               $50                $25
Duo/Trio                     $75                $50                $25
Small/Large Group    $100               $75                $50
Line/Production         $150               $100              $75​

Overalls are awarded to each Elite-level age group containing at least 10 entries. Only 1st will be awarded if there are less than 10 entries in a category. If there are less than 3 entries in a category, no overall will be awarded. If there are enough entries in each category, the top 10 will be announced. Intermediates and Petites will receive only an Elite record for overalls.