*Dancers MUST BE registered for at least one-day of workshops in order to compete (EXCEPT PETITES: Ages 6 & Under). Attendance at the workshops is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.
​ **Dancers MUST BE registered for both days of workshops to participate in the Elite Dancer Audition, and to be eligible for the title of Elite Dancer.
​***Dancers do NOT need to be registered for the competition in order to participate in the workshops.


*NEW* Novice Division - any dancer(s) who has not competed prior to this competitive season.
Intermediate Division - any dancer(s) with less than or equal to 3 years of dance training.
Elite Division - any dancer(s) with more than 3 years of dance training.
Professional/Teacher -  anyone who is currently in/has completed a post-secondary professional training program or certification, and/or anyone who who earns more than $2,500 per year from teaching/performing dance. 

Judges reserve the right to change the level of a number if they feel it is incorrectly placed. There will only be one level for dancers in the Petite category. 


No dangerous props may be used during the competition. Other props are allowed, but must be taken on and off stage within two minutes total. It is the studio's responsibility to ensure that its props are taken on and off stage, as well as making sure the stage is completely clean and clear after the routine is finished. For safety reasons, dancers cannot stand above 6 feet on a prop. Please inform us of any prop usage via our online registration on the specific routine's entry form.

The competition stage will be covered in a marley dance floor surface.


Please read through all rules carefully. Failure to comply with the rules & regulations listed below could result in disqualification. It is the studio's responsibility to adhere to all rules.

competition rules