Please read through all rules carefully. Failure to comply with the rules & regulations listed below could result in disqualification. It is the studio's responsibility to adhere to all rules.

competition rules



Each studio may only be represented by one solo, one duet/trio, one small/large group, and one line/production(+) in the showdown (in each of the combined Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior divisions, UNLESS a tie is present). The best solo/duo/trio numbers and group numbers in each the Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior divisions chosen by high scores will be invited to re-perform. If a studio has the highest and second highest for one of the categories, only the highest will be asked to perform (i.e. if a studio has won both 1st and 2nd place for Senior solos, only the 1st place Senior Soloist will be invited to re-perform. If a studio has won both 1st place Mini group and 1st place Junior group, but the 1st place Mini group has a higher mark, only the Mini group will be invited to re-perform). If a studio that has entered a minimum of 15 numbers is not represented by any of the above, the top number from that studio will be entered. The judges also reserve the right to request 1 Wildcard routine each (these may or may not be used). The judges will deliberate to choose the winners.

*Prizes awarded at the Showcase Awards Ceremony will be as follows:
                           1st              2nd                3rd
        S/D/T         $250            $150            $100
        GROUP     $500            $300            $200
        S/D/T         $250            $150            $100
        GROUP     $500            $300            $200

*Prizes may vary depending on number of entries.


Best Choreography - $100 Voucher
Best Costume - $100 Voucher
Best Technique - $100 Voucher
Top Mark Overall - $250 Voucher
Studio Spirit Award - $250 Voucher

*The judges will deliberate to choose the winners.

**Routines do not need to be entered in the Elite Showdown to win the awards listed above.

***After Dark entries are not eligible to win any Elite Showdown awards.

Highest Mark Awards
- Intermediate
- Jazz

- Tap
- Ballet

- Lyrical
- Contemporary

- Modern
- Improv
- Musical Theatre
- Hip Hop/Street Jazz
- Combo/Open
- Acro/Specialty


Tickets to the Elite Showdown can be purchased for $10. Each studio bringing 5 or more registered dancers will receive two complimentary tickets to the showdown for the studio owner and a representative. There will be reserved seating for teachers and/or studio representatives during the showdown. Dancers performing in the showdown will be allowed to view the showcase free of charge, however, spectators who have purchased tickets will have priority seating.