Workshop and Observer fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may register online using the registration page above.

Each dancer/teacher must sign and submit the appropriate waiver to be eligible to participate in an Elite Dance Productions event.

Please send one cheque, made payable to ELITE DANCE PRODUCTIONS, for all fees. You may also pay by PayPal or credit card. No post-dated cheques. Payment will only be applied once it clears. There will be a $35 fee charged to any cheques that do not clear.

Dancers who are not with a studio may still register for the workshops. Independent entries are welcome!

Dancers who are not registered to compete may still register for the workshops. However, dancers must be registered in the workshops in order to compete (except Petites: ages 6 & under).

​Dancers may change rooms at the discretion of their teacher(s), and with the permission of the Elite staff. 
​Ex: an older junior may move up to the teen/senior room if they are looking for a challenge.

*Dancers MUST take the audition combo in the room of their respective age division as of January 1, 2020.


*Dancers MUST BE registered for at least one-day of workshops in order to compete (EXCEPT PETITES: Ages 6 & Under). Attendance at the workshops is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.
​ **Dancers MUST BE registered for both days of workshops to participate in the Elite Dancer Audition, and to be eligible for the title of Elite Dancer.
​***Dancers do NOT need to be registered for the competition in order to participate in the workshops.



Please read through all rules carefully. Failure to comply with the rules & regulations listed below could result in disqualification. It is the studio's responsibility to adhere to all rules.