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*Dancers MUST BE registered for (attendance is not mandatory) at least one-day of workshops in order to compete (EXCEPT PETITES Ages 6 & Under). Dancers MUST BE registered for both days of workshops to participate in the Elite Dancer Audition, and to be eligible for the title of Elite Dancer.
​**Dancers do NOT need to be registered for the competition in order to participate in the workshops.



                                                                                                                FULL (Two-Day)    FULL (Two-Day) 
Workshop Level                One-Day        One-Day Late Rate*         Standard Rate           Late Rate*                     
Teacher                                   N/A                            N/A                             $100                       $125
Senior (16+)                            $85                            $110                           $150                       $175                      
Teen (13-15)                            $85                           $110                           $150                       $175        
Junior (10-12)                          $85                           $110                           $150                       $175
Mini (7-9)                                 $85                           $110                           $150                       $175                 
Observer                                 N/A                            N/A                               $25                         $25                     

*Deadlines found on city page.

All workshop fees are included (and equal to) the competition registration fee. Mini and Junior rooms may be combined and Teen and Senior rooms may be combined.

Teacher Discount
Bring 5-24 Students                1 Teacher Attends FREE!
Bring 25-49 Students              2 Teachers Attend FREE!
Bring 50+ Students                 3 Teachers Attend FREE!
When calculating number of students, do not include Observers or students with One-Day passes.

Workshop and Observer fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may register by mail or online (with credit card) using the registration page above.

Each dancer/teacher must sign and submit the appropriate waiver to be eligible to participate in an Elite Dance Productions event.

Please send ONE cheque made payable to ELITE DANCE PRODUCTIONS for all workshop AND competition fees. No post-dated cheques. Payment will only be applied once cheque clears. There will be a $35 fee charged to any cheques that do not clear.

Dancers who are not with a studio may still register for the workshops. Independent entries are welcome!

Dancers who are not registered to compete may still register for the workshops. However, dancers must be registered in the workshops in order to compete (except Petites).

Elite Dancer
Mini:    Full Workshop Scholarship for 2020 + Elite Dancer Bag
Junior: Full Workshop Scholarship for 2020 + Elite Dancer Bag
Teen:   Full Workshop Scholarship for 2020 + Elite Dancer Bag
Senior: Full Workshop Scholarship for 2020 + Elite Dancer Bag

During the EDP workshops there will be an audition class taught by one of the faculty members. The top 3 dancers from each age category (Mini-Senior) will be chosen to participate in the final show to determine the winner. The performance will be a two-part improv including one fast and one slow song (only one song for Minis & Juniors). The judges will then decide the winner which will be announced during the final award ceremony. You do not need to be registered in the competition to compete for the title of Elite Dancer.
*Dancers MUST be registered for both days of workshops in order to be eligible for the Elite Dancer audition. Dancers who are registered for one-day on the day of the audition, may take the audition combo class but will not be allowed to participate in the audition.
**Although professionals and dancers 19+ may dance in the Senior room, they may not compete for the title of Elite Dancer.
***Elite Dancer winners may NOT audition again in that particular competitive year. Elite dancers must wait until one full competitive year has passed OR they have moved into a new age division (i.e. if they won Teen Elite Dancer in 2016, they must wait to audition until 2018, UNLESS they have moved up to the Senior division in 2017).


Parents of registered dancers are allowed to watch the workshop classes IF they purchase an Observer pass. All Observers must be attending with registered dancers and may not be Dancers, Studio Owners, or Teachers. Observers are not allowed into the audition class or the backstage area.

One-day Observer passes are not available.

Observers must sit and keep belongings as close to the walls as possible.

Observers must keep Observer pass visible at all times.

Observers are prohibited from making excessive noise and/or taking videos/pictures during classes (still pictures will be allowed between classes). Observers will be asked to leave the room if they do not oblige by these rules.